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Lott Carey Women in Service Everywhere mobilize women to engage in missions around the world.  We work to:

  • Advance the Lott Carey global missional impact
  • Execute short-term missions assignments
  • Support special missions projects
  • Recruit others for membership in Lott Carey



5th Anniversary Women’s Global Prayer Guide

2017 guide cover










To order additional Prayer Guides ($3.10 each – minimum order of 5)

2017 Global Prayer Guide PDF

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The 2017 Global Prayer Month – Join the Women in Service Everywhere (W.I.S.E) to take a stand for voiceless women & girls worldwide. This year we are promoting  the following:

  1. AWARENESS – Invite others to prayer with us for 31-Days – March 1 – 31, 2017. Use your social media to promote women’s concerns, #standup4HER information, and daily prayers.
  2. ACTION – Promote Acts of Justice! Mobilize to raise  support for Lott Carey Empowerment Programs benefiting women and girls. Set a goal to share a gift during the month of March of $31, $131, $331, $1031 or more.
  3. ADVOCATE – Host or take part in programs advocating for women’s rights.

Lott Carey Women In Service Everywhere are giving leadership for our Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative and Campaign to End Gender Based Violence


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