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Short-Term Missions

Short-term missions assignments are wonderful ways to serve God and help others around the world.  You can join Lott Carey scheduled deployments, or we can customize short-term missions assignments for your church or ministry team.

Are you being called for a short-term mission? Lott Carey can help you with these keys to success:

  • Discern how God is calling
  • Discover prospective partners
  • Dialogue to agree on the scope and scale of the assignment
  • Decide on a date 9 – 12 months in advance
  • Determine the costs for your team and your hosts
  • Detail the schedule
    • Supporting with prayer
    • Purchasing tickets
    • Getting immunizations
    • Confirming passports
    • Securing visas
    • Researching cultural practices
    • Participating in orientations
    • Preparing for serving
    • Training for serving
    • Securing supplies
    • Scheduling payments
  • Deploy the team for the missions assignment
  • Debrief daily and after the return
  • Detail the short-term missions journey through images and words
  • Describe the experience through testimony, celebration, and worship

Contact Dr. David Emmanuel Goatley at dgoatley@lottcarey.org, 301.429.3300.

Travel Information

  1. Vaccination information Adult Vaccinations Form
  2. To locate a physician in your area for medication/shots Travel Clinic
  3. Mission Service Agreement Lott Carey Missions Agreement

Make travel payment online via donation button or by check or money order payable to: Lott Carey and forward your payments to:

Lott Carey

8201 Corporate Drive, Suite 1245

Landover, MD 20785

Memo Section – Write the name of the Country & STM (example: South Africa STM)

or Make Payments Online with the PayPal button to the right. Type the name of your short-term mission assignment in the special instructions section prior to completing the payment.

Short-Term Mission Application

To serve with Lott Carey on mission, please complete the Short-Term Mission Application for consideration.
  • IMPORTANT: Double check spelling - This information will be used for all travel documents.
  • Example: 1/10/2017
  • Select someone that is not traveling with you.
  • Please indicate the name of your desired roommate or if you would prefer to room alone. All others will be matched with a roommate for the mission unless otherwise notified.
  • Pastors: N/A