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Lott Carey’s efforts are truly global, with mission partnerships throughout the world.


Ethiopia – Support to African AIDS Initiative International that provides volunteer counseling and testing for college students and people in the marketplace; conducting HIV/AIDS prevention education, care, and support; and providing care and capacity building to help commercial sex workers find safe and secure alternatives for their livelihoods.

Kenya – Support for Lott Carey Baptist Ministries that operates 32 churches, a coffee farm, poultry projects, and periodically distributes anti-malaria medication to promote evangelism, human development, and medical relief and community development.

Liberia – Support for the Lott Carey Baptist Mission School, with more than 1,100 hundred students enrolled K – 12 on two campuses (Brewerville and Bopolu), including many former child soldiers from Liberia’s recent civil wars.

Mozambique – Support for the Convenção Baptista de Moçambique (Baptist Convention of Mozambique) to strengthen the capacity of pastors and the collaboration of churches.

Nigeria – Support of more than 50 churches and four schools in Southern and Southeastern Nigeria through the Lott Carey Baptist Churches to carry out evangelism, pastoral preparation and ministry, and education in communities that would otherwise have no schools.

South Africa – Support for the Baptist Convention of South Africa, a fellowship of more than 180 churches, to provide leadership training, skills development, missions and evangelism, a theological college, and ministry support for HIV/AIDS programs.

Cape Town, South Africa – Support to Teen Challenge/Western Cape and Home of Hope which provide residential rehabilitation programs for young people seeking to escape drug life, gang life, and prostitution. Additionally, they provide prevention programs in grade schools, middle schools, and high schools to help young people develop the resiliency to avoid gangs, drugs, and prostitution.

Zimbabwe – Support for church leadership development through primary sponsorship of the  Zimbabwe Theological Seminary prepares men and women for Christian leadership in the church and the world.


New Delhi, India – Support for churches in an urban community and in colonies where people with leprosy live; health care for people with leprosy and the indigent; and education for 7,000 children through a network of Lott Carey Baptist Mission operated Somerville Schools.  For more information:

The Caribbean

Haiti – Support for 28 churches of the Union Strategique des Eglises Baptistes d’Haiti (Strategic Union of Baptist Churches in Haiti), many of which seek to operate elementary and/or secondary schools for hundreds of children who otherwise would never have opportunities to attend school, with additional grant support for micro-enterprise loans.

Haiti —Support for Grace International ministries to provide housing solutions, economic development projects, and orphan care.

Jamaica – Support for educational programs through Trinity Evangelical Ministries which provide skills training and capacity building to help young adults achieve greater employability options, as well as preschool education and nutritional programs for underserved children and families.


Italy – Support for ministry assistance through Unione Christiana Evangelica Battista D’Italia (Baptist Evangelical Christian Union of Italy) to immigrant churches in Italy, and collaboration around church leadership development for African immigrant churches.

North America

United States of America – Support for programs and services that benefit homeless individuals and families as well as disaster preparedness, response, and recovery ministries.


Australia – Support for Australian Aboriginal leadership development for the church and the community through the National Indigenous Training Association that works to empower women, strengthen the Christian witness to men, and articulate an Aboriginal theology out of indigenous contexts.

South America

Guyana – Support through the Guyana Missionary Baptist Church – Lott Carey for six congregations, the Somerville Youth Camp, the Lonnie A. Simon Retreat Center, the A. Carlyle Miller Cottage Hospital and Health Center, a farming project, and food distribution centers.