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Here, you can download many issues of the Lott Carey Herald, read our annual report, and gain access to important books.

Lott Carey Missions Resource Kit

2016-2017 Annual Report

Lott Carey Brochure

Lott Carey Herald Magazine Issues:


Spring  2018 Lott Carey Herald – Women’s Global Prayer Guide


Fall 2017 Lott Carey Herald – Houston Healing, Responding to the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Summer 2017 Lott Carey HeraldCelebrating 20 Years of Lott Carey Executive Leadership

Winter 2017 Lott Carey HeraldWomen’s Global Prayer Guide


Fall 2016 Lott Carey Herald – Leadership through Action: Learning from Global Leaders

Summer 2016 Lott Carey Herald – Water and Justice

Spring 2016 Lott Carey HeraldYouth Ministry Leaders: Connecting Their Way

Winter 2016 Lott Carey HeraldWomen’s Empowerment Prayer Guide


Fall 2015 Lott Carey HeraldLeadership around the World

Summer 2015 Lott Carey Herald – Disaster Response Impact

Spring 2015 Lott Carey Herald – Prayer Guide for Women’s Empowerment

Winter 2015 Lott Carey Herald – Developing Emerging Leaders through Faith and Works


Winter 2014 Lott Carey Herald Special Edition – Ebola: Lott Carey Responds

Annual 2014 Session Lott Carey Herald – Short-Term Missions & Transforming Power

Summer 2014 Lott Carey Herald – What’s Going on in Haiti Now?

Spring 2014 Lott Carey Herald – Global Prayer Partnership for Women’s Empowerment


Winter 2013 Lott Carey Herald – Changing the World One Young Person At A Time

Annual 2013 Session Lott Carey Herald – The Power of Collaboration – Building for Haiti

Summer 2013 Lott Carey Herald – Revisiting the 115th Annual Session

Spring2013 Lott Carey Herald – Women Empowered through Prayer


Winter 2012 Issue: Developing Future Leaders

Winter 2012 Insert: Calling Congregations

2012 August Annual: Faith, Hope and Love in Haiti

Summer 2012 Issue: Experience Short-Term Missions

Spring 2012 Issue: Annual Sessions Bolster Missions


Winter 2011: Pastoral Excellence Program Journey

Summer 2011: Helping Haiti Rise Again II

Spring 2011: The Faces of Liberia


Winter 2010: God’s Will God’s Way in South Africa

Annual Session 2010: Empowering Women in Africa

Summer 2010 Issue: Helping Haiti Rise Again I

Fall 2010 Issue: The Fountain Project II


Winter 2009: Stories of Hope in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Summer 2009 Issue: International Youth Development


Winter 2008 Issue: The Fountain Project I

Summer 2008 Issue: Lott Carey Mission School Centennial

Spring 2008 Issue: Lott Carey Remembers the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Italy


Spring 2007 Issue: The New Baptist Covenant


Winter 2006 Issue: I Saw God At Work: Responding to Hurricane Katrina