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Lott Carey PhotographThe Lott Carey movement was founded in 1897 by African-American Baptists who were committed to a substantial international missions thrust – especially on the African continent. They believed that nothing should distract the church from executing its primary objective of advancing God’s mission throughout the world. Since our founding as the Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Society, we have single-mindedly engaged in Christian missions around the world.

We bear the name of the Rev. Lott Carey, whose fascinating story has served as inspiration for generations. Born enslaved in 1780 in Charles City County, Virginia, Lott Carey became a disciple of Jesus in 1807, purchased his freedom in 1813, and led the first Baptist missionaries to Africa from the United States in 1821. His pioneering missionary team settled in Liberia, where he engaged in evangelism, education, and health care. Rev. Carey served as a well-respected and gifted missional and civic leader until his death in 1828. He was also the organizing pastor for the first Baptist church in Liberia – the Providence Baptist Church in Monrovia. His life of commitment, leadership, vision, and perseverance continue to guide us.

In the 19th and early 20th Centuries, we were a black Baptist organization that engaged in missions on the African continent. In the 21st Century, we are a multicultural, ecumenical, global Christian missional community born of African-American Baptist heritage, that provides prayer partnership, financial support, and technical assistance to indigenous communities around the world who engage in ministries of evangelism, compassion, empowerment, and advocacy. We work with people from various ethnic identities, diverse Christian traditions, and different faith communities around share values and interests to help to build a better world. Together, we are touching lives with transforming love.